It took me years to become the best version of myself.

I want to teach you to find your true potential in just 3 months!


Hi! My name is Alex and I want to welcome you to my academy. Please come in and let’s have a cup of tea together. Now tell me, where does it hurt?

  • Health and Fitness Expert
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialist
  • Licensed Physiotherapist
  • Nutrition Professor
  • Human Motricity Science Specialist
  • Personal Trainer and Performance Athlete
  • Initiated in Energy Information, and Energy Healing
  • Initiated in Biogeometry
  • 10+ years Master Trainer for 1000+ students
  • 50+ fitness workshops
  • Faculty of Physical Education and Sport
  • Master's degree in Science of Human Motricity
Physiotherapy & MEDICINE
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • Clinical experience for more than 8 years
  • Personal physiotherapist for professional athletes
  • Physiotherapist for Romania's Football League First Division
  • Master's degree Traditional Chinese Medicine
NutritioN & COACHING
  • Courses for nutrition coaches
  • 100+ live and online nutrition workshops
  • 250+ trained nutrition coaches
  • Author of the Nutrition Coach course
  • Personal mentor for a select group of people

After years of experimenting on myself, I created the Vitruvian Fitness program

15 years of doing various experiments and research on myself have led me to one conclusion, included inside Vitruvian Fitness.

I have taken my body to the extreme. I have pushed beyond all my limits just to figure out what I was capable of. Unfortunately, I only ended up injuring myself.

I managed to put myself in a lot of pain in a very short time, and I started believing I would never be able to recover and practice any kind of sport.

I had one last option. I was the last person I didn’t ask for help. But to be able to help myself, I had to study.

I was reading books, going to courses, and doing everything I could to understand myself and my body.
I did experiment after experiment, I would iterate and improve constantly. I went through this process for years, until I finally managed to fix every last problem and feel like I could compete again.

After all the studies and experiments I finally became capable to mentor those in need. I know how hard the journey can be, and I made it my life’s purpose to support and guide whoever is in pain.

Only by healing myself, was I able to help others heal.

I created nutrition programs and body posture programs. Using personal methods, I helped hundreds of people reach their desired body.

But I was still missing something else. This feeling of incompleteness led me to go through a Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This is where I understood that the human being has many cogs, but they only work as a whole: the mind, the body, the heart, the spirit and the soul must all be in complete harmony.

Everything works synchronously. One component cannot be treated separately from another. A human being must only be taken into consideration on a holistic level to gain complete health, balance, harmony, and success.

This is why I created Vitruvian Fitness. All the knowledge, all the experiments, all the expertise I have gained, I condensed into a 90-day journey, which is meant to be life-changing.

This is a new and unique method, that helps you achieve harmony and health for your body, mind, and soul. It is my desire to help you achieve increased immunity in all 3 and live a life of balance within yourself and with your loved ones.
This is the only way to perfection.

This is the only way to becoming the Vitruvian Man.


I am Alex Stanciu

I am with you, no matter what decision you make.

Should you ask for my help, you will receive full support to overcome the fears and obstacles that stood in your way for so many years.

I want you to succeed in building the balanced life that you want.

You deserve a Shredded Body, a Limitless Mind and a Strong Spirit.

Write me anytime at .

Hope to hear from you soon,

Alex Stanciu

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