Your use of this site is subject to compliance with the General Terms and Conditions detailed below.

If you choose to visit the site and access the services made available through the site, you assume full knowledge and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, which form the basis of the contract between the Company and you.

The vitruvian.academy platform is owned by VITRUVIA MEDICA SRL, email: office@vitruvian.academy.

To facilitate the transmission of information, we will consider using the term "Company" to refer to VITRUVIA MEDICA SRL, respectively the terms "vitruvian.academy" or "Site" to refer to the vitruvian.academy platform.


vitruvian.academy is a platform created to facilitate the general public's online access to courses and educational materials in various health fields, especially regarding disease prevention, immunity strengthening and slimming and healthy living, explained as such on the website.

The company will take all the necessary actions to provide customers with materials of the highest quality, current and relevant to the field that is the subject of the course.

For this purpose and to ensure efficient management of the materials on the site, the company reserves the right to remove materials that are no longer of interest, that have been replaced by updated materials, that will no longer reach a certain quality standard and that from any other such reasons will be considered inappropriate.

Therefore, the company does not guarantee the constant maintenance of all materials on the vitruvian.academy website.

Before deleting a course or other material, vitruvian.academy will communicate this aspect to customers through email communication channels and/or Facebook groups and will offer a grace period from the first communication until the removal of the content in question.

The services offered through the site are exclusively those related to the fields of activity presented on the first page of the site.

Please note that the services you can access through the website do not constitute medical advice and do not replace specialist services in the medical fields recommended for any individual.

3. Conditions for using the website

In order to be able to access the products and services made available through the site, you must create a personal account as part of the process of purchasing a program or downloading a digital product.

For this purpose, please use the "Create an account" button on the site's purchase page or on the registration form for downloading digital materials and follow the appropriate steps to create the account.

You have the obligation to provide the information requested of you and to complete all fields adequately, completely, correctly and truthfully, as they appear specified in the content of the identity document. The account can be accessed based on an access password, which only you know. You are solely responsible for keeping your password as well as any registration, login and account information safe.

A user account provides access to the Program or a downloadable digital product for one person. You have the obligation not to pass on your login data to a third party. Any natural person, regardless of nationality, with a minimum age of 18 years at the time of account creation can create an account on the website. We do not knowingly permit persons under the age of 18 to create Accounts that allow access to the Site.
Any access to the website by minors directly or through legal guardians/representatives is done at their own risk. The site can only be used for viewing, creating an account, accessing your personal account, accessing existing products/services on the site, evaluating and recommending our services. Our site may not be used to make any illegal, fraudulent payment, to post or transmit any defamatory, threatening, obscene, indecent, inflammatory or similar material.

We reserve the right to disallow the posting and/or to delete immediately and without any prior notice any comment on the site that contains inappropriate language, gross typographical errors, or that could harm our image and/or creates a state of discomfort for us, the authors of the materials on the site or the customers and visitors.
You are fully responsible for any transaction and/or payment made from your account through your use of the Site. We cannot guarantee uninterrupted and uninterrupted use of the site. Errors, defects, viruses, or other harmful behavior may occur on the Site or servers, making it unavailable. We will take all measures to limit and eliminate such unpleasant events as soon as possible.

You have no right to interfere with the operation of our website or to take any intervention measures on our computer equipment, for any reason and regardless of the result obtained.

We reserve the right to terminate the site without prior notice to users. We reserve the right to freely establish collaborative relationships with specialized people who will participate in the creation of various materials on vitruvian.academy and we do not assume that these people will have a constant presence on the site.

4. How to become a user on VITRUVIAN.ACADEMY

Any customer who wishes to do so can register on our website when purchasing a product or downloading free digital materials made available to you. These operations are carried out by accessing the "Buy the Program" or "Download the Material" button, available on the main page, followed by a simple click on the "Create an account" button, with the appropriate completion of the steps required for registration.

To register, you will be asked to enter your first name, last name, email address and password, phone number, professional status and region. You are required to enter a valid email address, otherwise it will not be possible to continue the registration procedure on the website.

You are solely responsible for keeping your password as well as any registration, login and account information safe. You are fully responsible for any payment made through your use of our site from your account.

You have the possibility to give your consent for receiving newsletters. In this way you will be aware of our activity on the site.

Once registered on vitruvian.academy, you will have the opportunity to purchase various products and services presented on the site, such as access subscriptions to the Platform or various courses and educational materials. After purchasing the products and successfully registering their payment, you will be able to access the products thus purchased directly from your account on vitruvian.academy, within a maximum of 30 minutes.

We note that you have the possibility of purchasing existing products on the site to give them as gifts to other people. In this sense, all you have to do is that, at the time of placing the order, enter the e-mail of the person from whom you want to purchase the products available on the website. After placing the order, the Company will send an invitation to the person to whom you want to offer the products in order to create an account on the vitruvian.academy platform. After the account is created, your gift will be found in that person's My Account section.

We inform you that the person for whom you want to purchase the products available on the website has a maximum of 30 days to create the account on the platform and accept the gift.

If the person from whom you want to purchase the products does not accept the invitation to create their account on the platform within the specified term, they will lose the right to benefit from the purchased products, the Company not having the obligation to offer any kind of compensation to that person or your

By entering the e-mail address of the person to whom you wish to gift the products on the site, you assume full responsibility for the validity of that e-mail address and your right to provide us with the e-mail address for the purpose its processing for the communication of the invitation to create the account on the Platform.

We inform you that the Company will use the e-mail address of the person to whom you want to give the products on the website as a gift exclusively for the purpose of communicating the invitation and does not assume any responsibility regarding the consent of the person in question to process his e-mail address email, which is your sole responsibility.

5. Payment and invoicing

The prices displayed on the website, for each individual product, do not include the value of VAT, which will be added to the value of the products in accordance with the fiscal law.

The payment of the products is made in euro and can be done in the following way: online, with the card, through stripe, following the payment steps and payment instructions provided when making the payment. To find out about the Privacy Policy of this operator, you can access the following link for Stripe: 

We are not responsible for erroneous payment processing with this payment method shown above. We are not responsible for errors recorded through the payment system, including but not limited to losses you may incur using the card payment system.

The customer has the obligation to opt for the payment method chosen at the time of selecting the desired product, by ticking the appropriate option, according to the steps to purchase the products.

In the case of subscriptions, it is possible to benefit from various discounts or other benefits for paying the subscription for several months in advance. These benefits will be made known to the public through publication on the website and through the means of promotion chosen by the Company.

Once the subscription type is chosen and the payment method is selected, the payment is recurring. The Customer does not have to go through a monthly or annual payment procedure, the amounts related to the subscription will be automatically debited from the Customer's account at the beginning of each subscription period. The Customer understands and agrees that the amounts representing the subscription purchased may vary from one month to another depending on various promotions, discounts granted to the Customer in some months of the subscription or depending on other changes in the price of the subscription.

The customer's subscription has auto-recurring payment enabled. This means that on the due date of the subscription, payment will be made automatically from the card entered on the first order. Recurrence can be stopped at any time, with a single click from the customer's account.

The Company will issue the Customer a tax invoice for the products purchased on the website, for which the Customer will provide the Company with all the necessary information.

The recurring payment applies exclusively to subscriptions purchased on the website for your benefit, not applying in the situation where you purchased the subscription for another person, according to art. 4 of this Agreement or other products available on the website.

The tax invoice for any order (including recurring payments) can be found in the customer's account and downloaded from there. Once issued, an invoice cannot be changed.

6. Liability and Limitations

By creating and using the Account, you assume responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of the Account data (user and password) and for managing access to the Account, being responsible under the law for the activity carried out through the Account. By accessing the site, creating your Account and using the site, you expressly and unequivocally accept the Terms and Conditions of the site in its latest version communicated within the site.

After the creation of the Account, the use of the content is equivalent to the acceptance of the changes made to the Terms and Conditions of the Site and/or the updated versions of the Terms and Conditions of the Site. You are responsible for checking the final version of the Terms and Conditions whenever you use the Site.

Acceptance of the site's Terms and Conditions is confirmed by ticking the corresponding checkbox on the site and/or by sending the Order and/or by making an online payment.

The company assumes no responsibility for any kind of loss (material, financial, data or information) that may occur directly or indirectly due to the information included on the site or the non-functioning or improper functioning of this site.

We cannot be responsible for any damage to your computer or viruses that may infect your computer or other equipment as a result of your accessing, using or browsing our site or your downloading of any content, information, materials, data, text, images, video or audio from our website.
We are not liable for any damage, loss, claim, indirect, incidental or consequential damages of any kind arising out of - or in any way related to - any use of our website or its content, data, materials or the information found therein, with any default or delay (including without limitation, the use or inability to use any component of this site for purchase or payment), or performance or non-performance by us or any supplier, even if we or our supplier we have been advised of the possibility of damage to these parties or any other party.
This disclaimer applies to any damage or injury caused by any non-performance, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus, communication line failure, theft or destruction, unauthorized access to , modification or use of the registration, whether for breach of contract, tortious conduct, negligence, or any cause of action.

7. Complaints

Any dissatisfaction related to accessing, using, registering on our website, placing an order, aspects related to the order placed, aspects related to registering for events and others, will be communicated to us directly, by email to the address office@vitruvian.academy.

Your complaint will be registered and you will receive a written response to the email address provided when you brought your complaint to our attention, within no more than 48 hours on a business day.

The customer agrees not to publicize these grievances (on social networks, media, private party discussions or in any other way) subject to incurring damages for the image damage caused to the website owner by these actions.

Any complaint must be filed within a maximum of one month from the date of notification of the situation complained of.

8. Intellectual Property

The content of this website, including but not limited to the logo, stylized representations, symbols, images, photos, textual content and the like, as well as the entire content of the information contained on vitruvian.academy and other online programs sold through the website are the exclusive property of Vitruvia Medica SRL.

It is prohibited to copy, distribute, publish, modify, supplement, use, display, include, link, transmit, remove insignia, photographs, images, pieces of text, display, sell, etc., the content, data, information, photographs or other information found on the site or on the platforms/programs to which you purchase access through the site, without the express permission granted in writing by Vitruvia Medica SRL.

It is not allowed to pass on your access password to vitruvian.academy to a third party.

No Customer acquires, by using and accessing the site, any right or license to use any of the information on the site or any intellectual/industrial property right over the products and/or services ordered from the site.

No customer has the right to use any automatic or manual device to monitor the materials available on the site.

9. Processing of personal data

For details regarding the processing of personal data, the identity of the operator and the like, see the "Data Protection Policy" section of our website.

10. Newsletters

When creating an account on the site, the Client has the opportunity to express his agreement regarding the receipt of Newsletters. The newsletter is a means of periodic, exclusively electronic (e-mail, SMS) information on products, services, events, promotions, etc. of a certain period, without any commitment on the part of the owner with reference to the information contained therein.
The customer can withdraw this agreement at any time, without any obligation, by accessing the Deactivation button at the bottom of each Newsletter received.

11. Force majeure

None of the contracting parties is responsible for the non-execution on time and/or for the improper execution - in whole or in part - of any obligation falling under this contract, if the non-execution or improper execution of the respective obligation was caused by force majeure, as defined by law, for reasons beyond the control of the parties.

The party invoking force majeure is obliged to notify the other party, within 5 (five) days, of the occurrence of the event and to take all possible measures to limit its consequences.

12. Applicable Law

The contract will be governed and interpreted in accordance with Romanian law. Any misunderstanding between the owner of the site and the Client, in relation to the relations arising from the use of the site, are to be resolved amicably, and in case of failure, to be submitted to the materially competent courts.

13. Final provisions

This site is owned by Vitruvia Medica SRL, which grants you the right to access and use the site subject to your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. By accessing and using the site you automatically and unequivocally agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions on the site.

Vitruvia Medica SRL has the right to modify the Terms and Conditions at any time, without prior notice, by posting the updated version on the website.

You are required to read the Terms and Conditions whenever you access the Site.

You have the obligation to strictly comply with the Terms and Conditions on the website and you cannot claim ignorance of the Terms and Conditions on the website, valid on the date of accessing, using and/or placing an order on the website.

The site administrator reserves the right to modify the structure and interface of any page or sub-page of the site at any time and at any free time interval chosen, having the right to temporarily, partially or totally interrupt the services made available to customers through through this site without any prior individual or general notice.

The promotions offered by Vitruvia Medica SRL are announced on the website. Promotions begin their validity at the moment of their activation on the site and cease their validity at the moment of their inactivation on the site. Promotions are not cumulative with each other or with other discounts and are valid only within the limits and in compliance with the conditions on the website. These Terms and Conditions are supplemented with special aspects/provisions contained in the description of the products/events available on the site.

In the event of contradictions between these Terms and Conditions and the special provisions mentioned above, the special provisions take precedence.

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